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“Scorchin’ Hot”-themed word search pdfs – 6 Gone Qwirls!

­  Hot hot hint – download all 6 GoneQwirls at once and play them like Bingo…with no repeats!   ­ 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 I’m callin’ this set of 6 word games 5 Thinkers each…lmk if you agree.     ­ In the series of 6 “Scorchin’ Hot” Qwirl word searches, you’ll find euphemisms […]


“The Devious Three” – 3 pdf Pencil Puzzles – hidden *freebie*

    Each Devious handmade word search difficulty level is either 🤔 or 🤔🤔 out of 5 Thinkers ­   If you love a series of pencil puzzles or other brain games that link to each other for an outcome, you’ll love The Devious Three. This set has you solve for a phrase that earns […]


2 .pdf Word Searches – BURN OUT

Sporting just two Thinkers 🤔 🤔 Easy! Right? True burn out is no fun. But these two brain game downloads might take your mind off the frazzle… Search for terms related to recognizing burn out, and methods used to ease or prevent this thing I’ve monikered “work depression” (though I’m no health professional!). Here’s a […]


2 “Murderous Impulses” Qwirl pdf’s. BEST Hallowe’en word search

  MURDEROUS IMPULSES 🤔 🤔 🤔  Fall is a mysterious time. The sun is low in the sky and shadows can play surreal tricks on the imagination. Cooling temperatures inspire a spooky little shiver. What a perfect time to chill with a wicked word game or two. Hallowe’en turned commercial just a couple of decades […]


LOVE-themed word search: 2 GoneQwirl pdfs

🤔🤔♥️🤔🤔 Four Thinkers (and one heart :P)     Honestly, I figured the words I chose for this ‘almost clue-less’ Qwirl word search were fairly obvious. Plus you get the first letter, the rough length of the word, and the theme of the game… So how’s it so tough?     Guess you’ll find out […]


3 *Tough SASQUATCH crossword-search brain games

Get a howl out of our 3 Yeti games, the infamous crossed-words searches called Churn.     🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 May seem hairy, but this downloadable set of 3 has been given a whopping 6 Thinkers by those in the know – testers who couldn’t finish ’em. Even if you’re into Bigfoot, you may have a tough […]


You get PDF files now…nothing is mailed

­Free game

😶‍🌫️Thanks for being climate-friendly by playing word games like Qwirl and Churn. Paper is recyclable and no electricity is required after printing. Staying home to do a word search or crossword puzzle means less drive time, germ exposure and consumer spending 🫨😁 You’re a smart cookie! Oh yeah, and you’re working your creativity, memory, vocab and sanity all at once 🧠