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DREAMS! QWIRL shaped-words search brain game .pdf

What do dreams say about you and your day? Maybe a little, maybe a whole lotta nothin’! But we’re just looking for Dream Words today. Have fun searching for 21. Three Thinkers 🤔 🤔 🤔 Here’s a teeny peek: Shop Mrs. Raines


HOBBY-themed QWIRL word search “Pursuits & Recreation”- FREE pdf!

Here’s a glimpse at your next mind challenge (though I think this word search is a bit easy, just one Thinker 🤔):     Discover new hobbies or remember favorites. Whatever in the world is “newsraiding”? Mrs. Raines likes toying with language, so a bonus challenge is to figure out if any of these hobbies […]


Download “Trends” QWIRL shaped-words search

  Rated two Thinkers 🤔 🤔, This brain game features what’s trending today. What’s new in the world? Look for the latest designs, tech, movements, fads and games in this shaped-words Qwirl search. Got any favorite stores, apps, clothing lines or interior design styles? This customized word search boasts the sparkly new trends of the […]


*PARTY-Themed CHURN crossed-words searches – TWO .pdfs!

­    Two party-themed Churn Crossed-Words searches with keys! Figure out the terms you’re searching for, then find them in the grid. Printable .pdfs only. You’ll find fun clues like “Nosh on Wheels”, “He’s Cookin’”, and “Totally Mentionables”…with even better answers. ­ ­ Get these funny brain games/word searches to share at a bachelorette or […]


“Brands of Consequence” CHURN shaped-word search

    Check out Churn crossed-word search brain game “Brands of Consequence”! Friends tell me it burns their brains to the tune of 4 Thinkers out of 5. 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 Figure out the terms you’re searching for, then find them in the grid in various shapes (no straight lines!). ­ Here’s a peek: […]


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­Free game

😶‍🌫️Thanks for being climate-friendly by playing word games like Qwirl and Churn. Paper is recyclable and no electricity is required after printing. Staying home to do a word search or crossword puzzle means less drive time, germ exposure and consumer spending 🫨😁 You’re a smart cookie! Oh yeah, and you’re working your creativity, memory, vocab and sanity all at once 🧠