Press Info re: Comedy Stylings of the Rambunctious Mrs. Raines
and Her Comedy Audiobook "Just Some BS"

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Just Some Bullshit, Year Ten of My Midlife Crisis

Comedy Audiobook Produced by The Rambunctious Mrs. Raines

Funny in New England 

Mrs. Kristina Raines is tickled to present her favorite audiobook of all time, Just Some Bullshit, Year Ten of My Midlife Crisis. 

It’s a comedic…and mildly horrifying…look at her adulting about-face that some have heralded as “Pretty darned okay” and “…borderline funny.” (See real reviews here, then quote me verbatim on anything else in this release!)

It’s a stockpile of heavy dim-bulb-ery, a tiny twisted catalog of hilarious if erratic thoughts she’s tried her darndest to keep to her silly self this past decade or so.As a big fan of nature, eating, complaining, funny stuff, snort-laughing, kibble comedy, run-on sentences, and off-road ATVing, Mrs. Raines felt driven to write about her distractions.

She also aims to make up for the couple of times she failed at being intelligent-adjacent, and instead sounded like a unicorn trainer choking on satire glitter.

Try not to gag on this hugely entertaining mockumentary. Hear Mrs. Raines talking to her various personalities – her nutty cats, the television, birds, butterflies, bees, slackers, cutters and peepers.

Bonus! Her silly household tips and ‘self-help’ lessons will make you roll your eyes so high it’ll tighten your skin better than a facelift. And make you think twice about being domestic.

Just Some Bullshit audiobook’s comedy is neither deep nor dreary…it’s a fun chuckle meant to put you in a kick-butt, dust-bunny-conquering mood!

For information about “Bullshit” humor that’ll make you laugh and smile like a horny weasel on meth, or to contact Mrs. Raines, email her here. Then to go back to to turn “Just Some Bullshit” into one of your favorite audiobooks!

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Mrs. Raines and hubby Paul are also up to other funny hi-jinx! Check out her Mud Bunny Fun YouTube Channel! Not comedy, no audiobooks there, just a big smile a some silly laughs at their cuckoo antics.