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Fall is a mysterious time. The sun is low in the sky and shadows can play surreal tricks on the imagination. Cooling temperatures inspire a spooky little shiver.

What a perfect time to chill with a wicked word game or two.

Hallowe’en turned commercial just a couple of decades ago, and murderous bloodbaths have become something to celebrate. Okay, not quite…people just like the hormonal surge most of us get from feeling creeped out, right? So I’m going with the frenzied flow.



Have a scream with these 2 download only .pdf word searches with their keys.

The puzzle theme is a little light death and gore. So both brain games go well with murder mysteries, horror flicks, a toasty black lap cat, and cheddar, wine and popcorn. Oh yeah.



These murder-y word games are the perfect Hallowe’en pencil puzzles.

If you agree, you’ll probably also love “The Devious Three” – a set of Qwirl word searches about the Devil and nicknames I made up for homicidal characters throughout history. Creepy good fun!

#1 Hint of Homicide

#2 Motive for Mayhem

Both 🤔 🤔 🤔 Thinkers


Forget about finding my fun freaky words in straight lines…Qwirl offers shaped-word searches only. So look for cascading Z’s, boxes, triangles, hearts, spirals and more! See the how-to here.

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