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Get a howl out of our 3 Yeti games, the infamous crossed-words searches called Churn.




May seem hairy, but this downloadable set of 3 has been given a whopping 6 Thinkers by those in the know – testers who couldn’t finish ’em.

Even if you’re into Bigfoot, you may have a tough time with these custom crosswords-cum-word searches with nicknames for Sasquatch. That’s okay, there’s Google. Seriously, I won’t judge…

You’ve been warned.



That said, the extra cutesy phrase I threw into these brain games about wild-men and women is a good bit easier to figure out, if you ask me. Have fun and don’t hesitate to lmk if you get these puppies. But I’ll expect you to prove it…



3 word game downloads only, nothing mailed.

You get 3 roarin’-good pencil puzzles about our cryptid friends like the Abominable Snow Woman…what a steal!



And yes, I’m just nice enough to send the cryptic cryptid keys along too. You’ll need ’em.

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