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Hot hot hint – download all 6 GoneQwirls at once and play them like Bingo…with no repeats!



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I’m callin’ this set of 6 word games 5 Thinkers each…lmk if you agree.




In the series of 6 “Scorchin’ Hot” Qwirl word searches, you’ll find euphemisms that people used on a smokin’ hot resident of Mount Olympus 30 to 100 years ago. Plus a bunch of brags for our earth-bound heavenly babes today.



All sexy and/or hilarious lingo! Have a piece of Man Cake? Or just a Slice?



Hint: in this brain game find antique slang words and current language relating to having a high sexiness quotient.



Bonus challenge: you don’t get full terms and words to find in these 6 Gone-Qwirl search grids. Instead you get partial clues that make it only a tiny bit easier to find words in pencil puzzles “Hotness Heaven”, “Scorchin'”, “Hot in Here”, “For Hotness Sake”, “Hot Roast” and “Unreasonably Hot”. Yeowch! A brain game that’ll set yours on fire.



Qwirls and Churns are a labor of love…each word game takes about 15-20 hours to complete!


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