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Each Devious handmade word search difficulty level is either 🤔 or 🤔🤔 out of 5 Thinkers



If you love a series of pencil puzzles or other brain games that link to each other for an outcome, you’ll love The Devious Three.

This set has you solve for a phrase that earns you a FREE Qwirl word search by Mrs. Raines!

That mind-boggling free game is Basket Fulla Badass from the “Animal Ally Tags” series:

Plus you’ll find some funky nicknames I’ve created with inspiration from infamous baddies, along with goofy “pet names” that’ll twist your smile.



Side note, lately I’ve been going by “Lucifina” and “Kristopheles” (yeah, in my own mind, where things get unreal 😉).

Could be fun to find something in here for yourself.



Download and devour our “Devious Three” Qwirl shaped-words searches now. You get:

  1. Devil We Know
  2. Silly Killers
  3. Vicious Nicknames
  • Plus their keys.



Have a chuckle finding customized names like “The Dank One”, “Narcosatanizzy”, and a few lesser-known classics like “Lord of the Flies”.

Don’t forget the freebie for you to find…🤔


Devious Three is the perfect word game set for Hallowe’en and other spooky scenarios!

And if you like that idea see “Murderous Impulses” for more mayhem.