Mrs. Raines

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It’s your new favorite comedy audiobook…by Rambunctious Mrs. Raines

“…interesting and funny! I may even cross-stitch a few favorite turns of phrase from “Just Some Bullshit” on pillows around here.

“Mrs. Raines is a dab hand at conjuring vivid imagery, and a deft user of alliteration. Topics she touches on have universal appeal.

“I’m definitely well outside the ‘midlife crisis’ range for B.S. and the target audience, and still I very much enjoyed listening to her comedy audiobook (twice!).”

– deb lees

“A gem of an audiobook, superbly funny! I enjoyed it through and through, to be very honest.

“The title itself intrigued me, the first time I played the book. Right off the bat, it had a sarcastic tone, which I LOVED!

“It was done just right, with an excellent balance of humour and amazing storytelling.

“It gives you insight into how Mrs. Raines is feeling, and how she interacts with the world. Not in the same way most people do…

“I LOVED this audiobook! I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions…

…and will surely go back to it anytime I need a lift and a little humor during the day.”

– Abby E.

Absolutely loved listening to this BS!

“It was hilarious and narrated amazingly. Would definitely recommend to a friend who’s in need of a good laugh. Seriously hope there’s more bs on the way!”

– Jade Aleysha

“Mrs. Raines, I’ve a crush on your audiobook, how you enlivened aspects of your mid-life with colorful sarcasm. Jokes were hilarious. Likewise the vocals for every character you played were outstanding. So interesting and funny. Your love for nature and animals was quite lovely. 

“Talking about any mid-life crisis topics, e.g. aging, health, food, relationships, and bonds with your loved ones were the best parts. 

“Just great how you wrapped it all up, talking about how we depend on others for being independent was fantastic. I personally appreciate your work and I enjoyed listening to the whole audiobook with lots of laughs.”

– Iman Aaron

“A friend recommended this audiobook and I started listening to it one day on the drive home without any hopes…after all, how good can an audiobook named ‘Just Some Bullshit’ be? Oh boy was I wrong, before I knew it I was laughing! 

“It’s hilarious, beautifully narrated, and as a woman nearing a mid-life crisis, it’s so relatable. 

“I finished it in a day and thoroughly enjoyed listening to this funny funny audiobook! Will probably listen to it at least once more knowing how good it is. If you are looking for a quick and hearty laugh, ‘BS’ is the way to go!”

– Fatima Tanveer

This audio book needs a stern warning. Something like…

Warning: Don’t listen to this while in line at the pharmacy…you might burst out laughing and spill your drugs.

If life has got you down “Just Some Bullshit” will cheer you up quick. Mrs. Raines’ wit will have you chuckling in no time. A perfect analysis anyone can appreciate, ranging from pets, spouses, kids, nature, nature calling, friends, and getting older.  

– Josh Doty