The Undoing of an AGT Star

In this hilarious comedy sketch, future Mrs. Raines attempts to audition for America’s Got Talent…and has the judges wondering about the top ten? Watch as she channels her inner comedy superstar and shows them what she’s got…or not! Is it Golden Buzzer AGT time during this “audition”? 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you’re a fan of USA’s Got […]

Surviving a Midlife Crisis with Less BS – Comedy Podcast with Light Up Your Buzz

Have a chuckle with Stacy and Mrs. Raines’ over the trials of a midlife mess. Plus, her comedy audiobook will have you rolling your eyes so high it’ll feel like a facelift. “Just Some Bullshit” may become your newest favorite audiobook. Giggle, grin and guffaw over hilarious midlife “self-help tips”, cute cat humor and jokes […]

Special Guest Mrs. Raines (aka Joy Pains) visits Comedy Podcast Bunker of Truth

One of Mrs. Raines’ personalities visits the Bunker of Truth podcast to discuss the impending alien comedy clash. Hear “Joy Pains” and Kernel Boaty McBoat-Face (Jason) and General Northside (Jim) as they discuss hilarious invasion-related goings-on. Love it, could become a favorite comedy podcast, even though aliens weren’t really my ‘thing’ before. Try not to […]