Mrs. Raines

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The rambunctious, snarky and slightly oddball Mrs. Raines deals hilariously with more tough questions from the judges on the stage of America’s Got Talent.

🙄 Thanks to their reactions to our favorite contestant’s awkward performance and puns at an AGT “audition”, this clip is sure to make you cringe-laugh! If you love silly comedy shorts this is a winner.

🤦🏻‍♀️ Funny stuff about adult diapers, low-brown humor and her entertainment inspirations. Lotsa lols and short video jokes to be had. Mrs. Raines has plans for being on trend and going viral…find out her devious scheme! Her audiobook is one step in the plan that’ll make you chuckle – – listen to her satirizing herself and her multiple personalities.

Maybe our judges Heidi, Sofia, Simon, Terry and others will listen to “Just Some BS” one day too 😎 It’s worth the 8 bucks! Be prepared for your laugh lines, cringe crust and funny furrows to grow deeper…then be sure to watch Mrs. Raines’ limericks about beauty and the Med Spa afterward to counteract the insanity!

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