Mrs. Raines

Brain Games Comedy Music Puzzles

Have a chuckle with Stacy and Mrs. Raines’ over the trials of a midlife mess.

Plus, her comedy audiobook will have you rolling your eyes so high it’ll feel like a facelift.

“Just Some Bullshit” may become your newest favorite audiobook. Giggle, grin and guffaw over hilarious midlife “self-help tips”, cute cat humor and jokes that poke at love and life. Introspective, relatable laughs.

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Are you ready to work your two-pack with Mrs. Raines? If you love to laugh, this is the site for you! “Just Some Bullshit” will become one of your favorite audiobooks for a belly-laugh work out. Smile over hilarious midlife “self-help tips”, cute cat humor and funny jokes that take a poke at love, life and much more. You’ll laugh until you sound like a mime choking on a tourist’s fist. And roll your eyes so high you’ll see if there’s back stabbers behind you.