Mrs. Raines

Brain Games Comedy Music Puzzles

One of Mrs. Raines’ personalities visits the Bunker of Truth podcast to discuss the impending alien comedy clash. Hear “Joy Pains” and Kernel Boaty McBoat-Face (Jason) and General Northside (Jim) as they discuss hilarious invasion-related goings-on. Love it, could become a favorite comedy podcast, even though aliens weren’t really my ‘thing’ before. Try not to laugh at this funny look at the end of humanity. If you love sketch comedy with frozen vodka pops and billionaire bunker builders, this one’s for you!

More Comedy?

This podcast pairs beautifully with Mrs. Raines’ self-help audiobook, “Just Some Bullshit, Year Ten of My Midlife Crisis”.

If you love poking fun at aliens, invasion jokes, extraterrestrial hahas, and just love to laugh in general, this is a must-listen! Get ready to laugh like an alien choking on a butt plug.