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Shocking New England Ka-kooch Sighting! Beware

Mrs. Raines outdoor fitness hiking pee comedy

Nature lovers, outdoorsy types and hikers need to know! You’ll adore this cute and funny short joke video. Much humor…find hilarious ways to protect yourself from Mr. and Mrs. Raines when you hike in the woods, rofl, watch and find out why! Comedy shorts are our thing. Is smiling yours? Then you’ve found the right […]

What’s Up With Lizard Lips?

Mrs. Raines vanity comedy women laugh

It’s funny, over 50 our lips lose collagen, elastin and I dunno what else, so I got some lip filler to have an excuse to create comedy video shorts, and to appease my old-ass ego. Plus who doesn’t enjoy anesthesia and ‘beauty tips’! Find more relatable beauty stuff and anti-aging tips and smiles on this […]