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It’s funny, over 50 our lips lose collagen, elastin and I dunno what else, so I got some lip filler to have an excuse to create comedy video shorts, and to appease my old-ass ego. Plus who doesn’t enjoy anesthesia and ‘beauty tips’! Find more relatable beauty stuff and anti-aging tips and smiles on this channel and in my audiobook, “Just Some BS”. Grin, giggle and guffaw at my attempts at entertainment 😏 Lips, etc., starting to look like the last-place loser in a slug road race?

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Hi! I’m Mrs. Raines, and I had my lips inflated today. Are you ready for some questionable beauty tips? I’ve got that and the best audiobook recommendation for you – “Just Some Bullshit” will become one of your favorite audiobooks. Smile at funny-over-50 midlife “self-help tips”, cute cat humor, and cute beauty, nature and health jokes that take a poke at love, life, and much more. You’ll giggle until you sound like a mime choking on a tourist’s fist. Wondering what audiobook should I listen to? “Just Some BS” is one of our best audiobook recommendations.