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Shocking New England Ka-kooch Sighting! Beware

Mrs. Raines outdoor fitness hiking pee comedy

Nature lovers, outdoorsy types and hikers need to know! You’ll adore this cute and funny short joke video. Much humor…find hilarious ways to protect yourself from Mr. and Mrs. Raines when you hike in the woods, rofl, watch and find out why! Comedy shorts are our thing. Is smiling yours? Then you’ve found the right […]

Forgot My Clothes Fail

Mrs. Raines dementia forgetfulness comedy husband

πŸ€— Hilarious short story…when you can’t remember to put clothes on before you go out in public it’s time for a husband tune-up…remind him to remind you, no joke! πŸ‘‰πŸ» I have yet to forget to wear clothes outside, thanks to hubby’s friendly reminders! He’s the best top comedy relief. I hope you enjoy my […]

Dope Workouts for Exercise Dopes

Mrs. Raines dementia forgetfulness fitness comedy hahas

Comedy and fitness together?! Mrs. Raines, a fitness pro in a younger life, offers dope fitness tutorials and workouts, starting here. That’s right, it’s Dope Workouts for Exercise Dopes! This one’s about smiling, strengthening, and laughing, especially for men, though anyone can benefit. Husband-inspired and fitness motivated. It’s a feel-good funny workout you can do […]

Funny Skin & Beauty Issues You’ll Never Believe

Mrs. Raines vanity comedy short skit

πŸ‘„ Sketch comedy and beauty tips lovers will smile… Especially if you’ve got got funny skin issues. Love to laugh at yourself and/or vain people getting older? This video’s for you! Wish your wallet was a 3D printer that purged itself of beauty Benjamins every time you walked into a Med Spa or beauty store? […]

I’ve Gotta Dope Tinnitus Mom

jokes about tinnitus

Looking for your new favorite audiobook? πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Mom is fair game in my new comedy free-for-all, “Just Some Bullshit, Year Ten of My Midlife Crisis”. Hilarious dope doobies, cow bells, the ocean…and how with one sentence you’ll forget all about your tinnitus! If you’re looking for something to LOL about, be sure to check out […]