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Comedy and fitness together?! Mrs. Raines, a fitness pro in a younger life, offers dope fitness tutorials and workouts, starting here. That’s right, it’s Dope Workouts for Exercise Dopes!

This one’s about smiling, strengthening, and laughing, especially for men, though anyone can benefit. Husband-inspired and fitness motivated. It’s a feel-good funny workout you can do at home.

This will hit your full-body, including your 2-pack, arms, muffin top, legs, glutes. We’ve got you covered…in chuckles, lols and lmao. Work your funny bone, core, and bone density.

Short on time? This quick 6 to 10 minute workout is great for beginners or advanced exercisers who are too sick for a “real” workout and need something easy to follow. A sick-day workout?!

Do some faux kickboxing with your guard up and some weak punches. All while getting fitter and younger, in just a few years.

Find more home workouts and exercise sessions under 10 minutes for people who are short on time here soon. Be sure to subscribe for the best unique and hilarious workouts you’ve never seen! Especially if your clothes fit like a python wrapped around a gazelle, haha.

This one requires no flexibility, no stamina, no fitness to speak of, and almost zero fitness motivation.

Customize with high or low intensity, for triceps and muffin top blasting. Squats for legs, work the prostate and those pee muscles too.

This one’s especially great to tell your wife about, she’ll think you burned some calories. You might even lose a pound or three, eventually.

Learn the Barf Twist, Stomach Nots, Trembling Triceps, the Booby Blaster, the Prostrate Primer, and the Forget and Fret, whoot!

0:55 Warnings!!! pfff

1:26 The Barf Twist

2:45 Stomach Nots

3:49 Trembling Triceps

4:36 The Booby Blaster

6:13 The Prostate Primer

7:05 The Forget and Fret

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