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Devious Adult Diapers…Awkward!

Mrs. Raines comedy skit

The rambunctious, snarky and slightly oddball Mrs. Raines deals hilariously with more tough questions from the judges on the stage of America’s Got Talent. 🙄 Thanks to their reactions to our favorite contestant’s awkward performance and puns at an AGT “audition”, this clip is sure to make you cringe-laugh! If you love silly comedy shorts […]

What the Fark is Up With My Memory Fails?!

Mrs. Raines dementia forgetfulness duet comedy

🤗 Hilarious short story…when you can’t remember to put clothes on before you go out in public it’s time for a husband tune-up…remind him to remind you, no joke! 👉🏻 Subscribe and ring now! I have yet to forget to wear clothes outside, thanks to hubby’s friendly reminders. He’s the best top comedy relief. I […]