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Writing Guest, Editor, Punch-ups, Ghostwriting Collab

In addition to her cutesy comedy audiobook, “Just Some Bullshit”, Mrs. Raines has written books in the fitness and nutrition field and enabled personal projects that brought the smiles. Writing funny stuff for others is a favored collaboration!

Videos and other social collabs: double take sketches and skits, funny memes, aging and dementia jokes, beauty and vanity ha has, comedy shorts, from crazy kitten to cuckoo kid, whatever lol or rofl you can imagine, she’s your best guest!

Comedy sells! You’re navigating because you need a killer guest collaborator of some kind. You’ve found a highly adaptable chameleon. Here’s a tasting menu of comedy tidbits on offer.
Guest Appearances – Co-Host or Persona, Online or Off 
Podcast guest, YouTube collabs, and co-hosting radio segments are a preferred format. Whether you need extra hilarity, a special ‘personality’ for your podcast or the real Mrs. Raines, she’ll bring the funny and the pizzazz you need.

An event like a roast or an awards ceremony that needs a ‘pffff’ kinda kick-in-the-pants is right up her laugh alley. Helping yours flow seamlessly is a real treat of a collaboration. Mrs. Raines will make it a professional night for you and your family, friends and colleagues, and whatever strangers wander in off the street.

Guest Blogger

If your online format needs a special twist via an interview or guest article, it’s her pleasure to contribute comedically, or in a very real way. Blog collabs are another favorite.

Magazine, Paper, and Other Periodicals

Mrs. Raines has been featured in local periodicals (including Women’s World) a number of times and is always happy to offer more insight and hilarity as a collaborative guest or author.

Be a Comedy Collab Witness

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Reach Mrs. Raines

With luck that helped, and you now have big plans to take over your tiny corner of the world…with Mrs. Raines as your guest, guide, gatekeeper or biographer. Time to contact Mrs. Raines here!

Short Bio You Can Use/Edit to Fit

Mrs. Raines’ comedy will have you rolling your eyes so high it’ll feel like a facelift. Her work, “Just Some Bullshit”, may become your newest favorite audiobook. Smile with our host over hilarious midlife “self-help tips”, cute cat humor and funny jokes that take a poke at love and life. You’ll laugh until you sound like a mime choking on a tourist’s fist.

For longer bio bits see the audiobook press release, or contact Mrs. Raines.