I’ve Gotta Dope Tinnitus Mom

Looking for your new favorite audiobook? 💁🏻‍♀️ Mom is fair game in my new comedy free-for-all, “Just Some Bullshit, Year Ten of My Midlife Crisis”. Hilarious dope doobies, cow bells, the ocean…and how with one sentence you’ll forget all about your tinnitus! If you’re looking for something to LOL about, be sure to check out […]

The Undoing of an AGT Star

In this hilarious comedy sketch, future Mrs. Raines attempts to audition for America’s Got Talent…and has the judges wondering about the top ten? Watch as she channels her inner comedy superstar and shows them what she’s got…or not! Is it Golden Buzzer AGT time during this “audition”? 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you’re a fan of USA’s Got […]

TF is Up With My Memory Fails?!

🤗 Hilarious short story…when you can’t remember to put clothes on before you go out in public it’s time for a husband tune-up…remind him to remind you, no joke! 👉🏻 Subscribe and ring now! I have yet to forget to wear clothes outside, thanks to hubby’s friendly reminders. He’s the best top comedy relief. I […]