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What’s Up With Lizard Lips?

Mrs. Raines vanity comedy women laugh

It’s funny, over 50 our lips lose collagen, elastin and I dunno what else, so I got some lip filler to have an excuse to create comedy video shorts, and to appease my old-ass ego. Plus who doesn’t enjoy anesthesia and ‘beauty tips’! Find more relatable beauty stuff and anti-aging tips and smiles on this […]

Funny Skin & Beauty Issues You’ll Never Believe

Mrs. Raines vanity comedy short skit

👄 Sketch comedy and beauty tips lovers will smile… Especially if you’ve got got funny skin issues. Love to laugh at yourself and/or vain people getting older? This video’s for you! Wish your wallet was a 3D printer that purged itself of beauty Benjamins every time you walked into a Med Spa or beauty store? […]