Devious Adult Diapers…Awkward!

The rambunctious, snarky and slightly oddball Mrs. Raines deals hilariously with more tough questions from the judges on the stage of America’s Got Talent. 🙄 Thanks to their reactions to our favorite contestant’s awkward performance and puns at an AGT “audition”, this clip is sure to make you cringe-laugh! If you love silly comedy shorts […]

Forgot My Clothes Fail

🤗 Hilarious short story…when you can’t remember to put clothes on before you go out in public it’s time for a husband tune-up…remind him to remind you, no joke! 👉🏻 I have yet to forget to wear clothes outside, thanks to hubby’s friendly reminders! He’s the best top comedy relief. I hope you enjoy my […]

What’s Up With Lizard Lips?

It’s funny, over 50 our lips lose collagen, elastin and I dunno what else, so I got some lip filler to have an excuse to create comedy video shorts, and to appease my old-ass ego. Plus who doesn’t enjoy anesthesia and ‘beauty tips’! Find more relatable beauty stuff and anti-aging tips and smiles on this […]